• White tyrebeaded chain

Ornament your attire with jewellery that adds a hint of daintiness to your look. Inspired from contemporary fashion, it glams you up with the right proportion of elegance and a fabulous finish. These white big crystal tyrecut beaded neckware is just apt for your little princess. It comes with a length of 48 cms around the neck.

Aartees products are made using only the best and genuine raw materials so that while the wearer is experiencing the beauty of the product is equally confident about the quality.

Please note: Gemstone may vary in color and/or pattern. Please allow for these natural variations. Some colours may vary slightly because of the lighting, computer screen, etc.

Care Instructions:

1.Protect jewellery from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperature, direct contact with water, & direct sunlight (as extreme sunlight may cause some gemstones to fade)
2. Store jewellery in separate plastic pouches so that it doesn't scratch other jewellery. Pearls & Opals however should always be stored in a fabric bag
3. Sterling Silver & Silver jewellery should be stored in airtight pouches/boxes
4. Always apply makeup/perfumes/hair-spray/skin lotions before wearing jewellery. As the chemicals in these products are harsh & corrosive, allow a few minutes for the lotion(s)/spray/perfume to get absorbed by the skin before wearing jewellery
5. After each wear, use a soft cotton cloth to remove deposits on the jewellery piece (due to dust, skin oils, sweat etc.)

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White tyrebeaded chain

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