About Us

Aartees started as a collective dream of two friends. Both of us share an immense passion and love for the handicraft tradition and the people who are masters of such traditional and inspiring skills. We also strongly believe that sustainable natural processes make the best products.

Sharing the same birth month our passion towards art moulded our friendship. Right from childhood, we were exposed to different weaving and embroidery forms and handicraft items.
Both of us where together during our childhood till our graduation, we exchanged our thoughts and ideas too.. Both got placed in different companies, and a settled life.. Career and family separated us, but the deep passion for doing something independently bought us together again.

After having thoughts and hardwork for over an year Aartees was thus born by the end of Dec 2014.We have been designing our product portfolio and mainly selling to friends and relatives over the last years.

Digital media has an ability to influence our life style. We, Aartees believe that the future vests on online business. We at Aartees has always been keen in thinking and creating different possible ways of exploring creativity.And now, we are taking the big plunge of launching this website, and reaching out to you. We love to define life with an extra ordinary touch of care that you can see in each and every single piece. Always on the quest for  making use of common things in a different way and giving it a classy and stylish new look, we as entrepreneurs have marked a way reaching here. 

We are basically located in Kerala and our craft associations range from authentic handwork sarees, affordable designer pieces and ecofriendly products. We bring you handpicked designs in jewellery, clothing and accessories created by talented hands.
Aartees showcases the timeless creations made by the humble artisans who are largely unaware of the real worth of their products, especially in a marketplace cluttered with mass produced replicas. This name signifies the skill and painstaking handwork of the craftspeople and the fact that these products are created using simple, natural techniques relying solely on the accumulated knowledge of generations of artisans and the skill of the human hand. It reaffirms our love for all things handmade.

We at Aartees work with these masters of traditional designs and hope to create a market for their products - a market which is as easily accessible to the artisans as it is to the consumers, so that the handiwork tradition of our country continues, inspiring future generations to take it up as a vocation.
Through our service, you can order from the exquisite selection of handcrafted products shown on the website while making the payment online.

The most important thing is secure online shopping and we offer reliable shopping experience with our advanced secure web site. Also we asked to use reliable & well known courier services to deliver the order plus we understand the value of time, so we will try our best to deliver order in given time limit.